Senior Ai Ml Engineer, Częstochowa

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Wygasa 2024-06-23
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Senior Ai Ml Engineer, Częstochowa
Poland, Śląskie, Częstochowa,
Zmodyfikowano April 24, 2024


Join Sii and help develop highly specialized software and IT tools for legal, tax, accounting, trading, and compliance professionals, in conjunction with the world's largest information service! As a Senior AI/ML Engineer, you will be part of a global interdisciplinary team of experts driving the company's digital transformation.

We are looking for a flexible individual who can think in code and enjoys learning and developing new skills! Your role Creating and delivering modern software in line with the entire software lifecycle Developing scalable ML solutions and creating large-scale data processing pipelines to help researchers build and train novel machine learning algorithms Working in a team-oriented environment, sharing information, valuing diverse ideas, and collaborating with interdisciplinary and remote teams Contributing innovative ideas, creating solutions, and effectively expressing ideas for technical development Providing development in Python for production applications, container deployments with Docker, and test-driven development Emphasizing highly flexible workflow and close collaboration with applied scientists in a dynamic R&D environment Appling, integrating, and deploying Machine Learning capabilities and techniques into other systems Your skills Experience integrating Machine Learning solutions into production-grade software and understanding of Model Ops, and MLOps principles Demonstrate proficiency in automation, system monitoring, and cloud-native applications, with familiarity in AWS or Azure (or a related cloud platform)  Previous exposure to Natural Language Processing (NLP) problems and familiarity with key tasks such as Named Entity Recognition (NER), Information Extraction, Information Retrieval, etc.

Understanding and translating between language and methodologies used both in research and engineering fields  Have been successfully taking and integrating Machine Learning solutions to production-grade software Hands-on experience in other programming and scripting languages (Java, Type Script, Java Script, etc.) Fluency in English

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Zawód: Senior ai ml engineer

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